Mindset & Personal Coaching

Mindset Coaching for Peak Performance

Working with Cheri Cope, LLC , MS, clients will learn practical and easy to use principles and skills to develop and take control of their mental game and overall performance success. Working together, we will help you become more focused, confident, and mentally prepared for the challenges of training and competition. Individuals and Team’s who have worked with Cheri Cope, LLC , MS have experienced significant satisfaction and success in their levels of performance.

Cheri Cope provides many different levels of services that are customized to fit the needs of the client. Whether its an individual or group one-time consultation, weekly or monthly skill-building sessions, observation of training and competitions, workshops, or an occasional pump-up. We are available to assist you in bringing out your true potential!

  • In-Person, on-site, or phone consulting sessions
  • Sport specific educational clinics
  • Observations of practice/competition – individual or team/group focused
  • Team building workshops

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Live your passion, find inspiration, and discover the physical and mental strengths that already are inside of you.

Personal Coaching

Understanding your passions, finding inspiration, and discovering the personal strengths that already are inside of you to create a life with purpose, are at the core of the Life Coaching services that Cheri Cope, LLC , MS provides. Working together, Cheri’s clients are energized with confidence that will empower them to take the risks to create new possibilities that will determine the direction of their lives. The result is living life bigger, brighter, and reaching new levels of success. Clients of Cheri Cope, LLC , MS Life Coaching services have included: strengthening relationships, career issues, increasing physical fitness, life-balance and prioritizing, making significant life-decisions and establishing intentional goals that promote an overall healthy well-being.

Life Coaching uses many of the same principles of sport psychology to enhance and empower your personal experience. Establishing a focused connection to goals, igniting motivation, constructively dealing with distractions, confidence building and creating a positive mental attitude are some of the strategies used that will align you with your true purpose and direct you toward a life of real significance.

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“Cheri’s professionalism shows through in all she does. Her background as an athlete, and a mother of athletes sets her apart as a trained Sport Psychology and Mental Conditioning Coach. Cheri has the ability to put athletes at ease and thus they open up regarding their challenges. Two of my three sons ( all of whom earned D1 scholarships) benefited greatly from their time with Cheri. The result was consistent performances at a level that matched their potential.”

– Dwight S. – Fitness and Sport Training Coach