Meet Cheri

Inspiration, Motivation, and Success!

Cheri Cope, MS, RYT 500 is a Master’s Certified Sport Psychology Consultant and a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher.  She has been the solo owner of her Performance & Life Coaching business for over 15 years providing individual and group education to those who are interested in learning skills to uplevel personal, athletic, and professional aspirations.

Cheri has always been a seeker for understanding how the mind works and integrating the mind/body connection to assist her clients and students in discovering and achieving their highest potential. She believes that there are uniquely inherent gifts within each of us that are just waiting to be ignited and align us with our personal power.

Her philosophy is to live bravely and authentically and inspire others to be brave as well.  Cheri’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to combine her Master’s in Counselor Education, Post-Master’s Certification in Sport Psychology, and 500 hr. Yoga Teaching Certification to create business opportunities for applying a richly integrated approach to achievement and overall life fulfillment.

Cheri’s favorite yoga classes to teach are Vinyasa Flow and Strengthening Flows (a twist on physical conditioning along with stretchy feel-good yoga practices).  She also enjoys offering intention, goal-setting, and achievement coaching events as well!   She has developed a mental skills curriculum for teams and individuals seeking to improve and gain mastery of their powerful mental game.  She also has experience as a keynote speaker, special presenter, and podcast guest.

Live your passion, find inspiration, and discover the physical and mental strengths that already are inside of you.

“Cheri has an incredible talent for guiding you through a yoga practice where you transcend limitations and surprise yourself with skills inside a pose. I love that Cheri always brings a moment of laughter to a class. I leave my mat feeling grounded and centered every time I show up. She is truly a gifted teacher.”

– Debbie