Yoga for Tennis Videos

Yoga for Tennis Videos

I just released a series of 3 Yoga videos designed for tennis players. Tennis players can benefit greatly from yoga to help with flexibility, range of motion, balance, and power. All three videos are sold together as a package.

Get your 3 Yoga classes here – Yoga for Tennis

Due to the intense transfer of energy in the entire body through core rotation, unilateral use of muscles, arm range of motion, and lunging with quick recovery of balance, these movements can develop imbalance and tightness within the body.

Yoga creates strength and balance within the body that will enhance tennis play! By increasing the range of motion with the shoulders, core rotation, and leg movement, players will enjoy greater power with their shots. By increasing flexibility with stretching poses, ease is restored to sore muscles and joints. Balancing poses improves the ability to find stability from one leg to another and develops focus and steadiness of the mind.

Tennis players can use these 3 videos as a complement to tennis playing. Combine any of the videos for a complete practice or do one to address the particular theme that one would like to improve.

The 3 videos are sold as a package for $19.99. You can practice along with me as many times as you like!

Please let me know if you have any questions or have feedback. I look forward to hearing from you!