Overcoming Negative thinking – Asking the right questions.

Overcoming Negative thinking - Asking the right questions.

The questions we ask ourselves are extremely significant and powerful in how we define our beliefs and handle life’s circumstances.  Quite often these questions are unconscious and negative while they take us hostage and control the focus of our mind.  We don’t even realize how hard we are on ourselves and the problematic stories we create in our heads.  

We have to start paying attention to the kinds of questions we are asking ourselves!  Are we asking, “What is wrong with me today?”, “What if I can’t handle this situation?”, “Why is this happening to me?”  These questions move us in a direction of disempowerment and we begin to come up with a narrative surrounding the negative answers.  

On the other hand, we can ask questions that shape our future in constructive and positive ways.   These empowering questions can focus the mind on our inner courage and create purposeful intentions on what we want to bring into our lives.  

“When we ask ourselves better questions, we get better answers.  We therefore take control of the direction of the mind.”  Melli O’Brien

The following questions are ones that I have found useful for becoming more aware of the thoughts and patterns of the mind and reformulating a new direction.  Start each day with these and they will change the way you show up in your life!  

Morning Intentions and Questions: 

  • What are my intentions for the day? 
  • How do I want to feel?
  • I am awake – what are my limiting thoughts?
  • What do I want to receive?
  • How can I be more open and expansive to receive the good?
  • What do I want today? Specifically…
  • List your unique qualities.  How do I honor them?

What we practice, grows!  Take advantage of the power within through awareness, intention, and grace.  

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