The Beginners Mind: A tool to become curious, engaged, and open to possibilities.

The Beginners Mind: A tool to become curious, engaged, and open to possibilities.

The beginner’s mind concept is something that I learned while in Yoga Teacher Training to help those and myself overcome barriers of confidence and frustration on and off the mat.  I have wholeheartedly adopted a beginner’s mind with the startup of Evolve Studio too!  I have had so much to learn and at times have been bogged down with feeling completely at a loss for answers.
I love to have things figured out, so starting a business such as this is a stretch of my comfort zone and it is a good thing!  Somehow as we get older we lose the capacity to admit and embrace that we are beginners and we just do not know! 

What if for a moment we let go and allow ourselves to be patient and open ourselves up to learn something new? 

We have a tendency to go through life building on memories and experiences and this is how we can make sense of the world.  Yet, too often we are not aware of the pure moment that is right in front of us as it is happening due to the layers of judgments and preconceived notions.  We can view people a certain way as well as places and life in general and only see them through the lens of our mental labels. 

To put aside the attachment of these judgments and adopt a beginner’s mind where we are open to learning and viewing things as they are. 

One of my favorite sayings is “to know that you don’t know.”  This always stops me in my tracks and humbles me in times when I feel a bit stuck in my old mental patterns.   When I want to solve a problem so badly, but the solution is not known to me, this saying frees me of the burden to try and control so I can ask for help, pray, and allow for patience and a deeper understanding.

We let wisdom and understanding in when we can empty our minds enough to allow new ideas, people, and experiences to be seen as they are and meet them with a grounded reality of the moment.

This is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and to all that we encounter.  The beginner’s mind reminds us that we have much to learn and that there is this whole big wide world yet to be experienced that is right in front of us!   When we can see with fresh eyes we are given an opportunity to learn and connect with the present moment with curiosity and even wonderment. 

Think of when you have visited a country or unique place that you have never been to before.  You may have been so absorbed in the landscape, the people, and even the food!  There was most likely little judgment or negativity because you were so present in taking it all in. 

This is the very same feeling and thinking involved with a beginner’s mind in day-to-day moments.   You can pause when you begin to notice yourself formulate an opinion or try to fit something that isn’t quite right into your typical, predictable mindset. 

Think of becoming a visitor in that experience, open your mind and allow that moment or person to show you what it is truly about!