Evolve – A Community Studio Space opens this week!

Evolve - A Community Studio Space opens this week!
It has been a whirlwind of busywork, remodeling, late nights, and zoom meetings to prepare for opening the doors at Evolve Studio on Tuesday!   Read on for more details about the studio! 

The holidays, Covid, and other challenges are not delaying having our students begin with our first classes this Tuesday.   I am a newbie at all of this and it has been daunting, yet I am learning so much and having a great time.  As I have talked about in so many posts in the past, 

“Your playing small does not serve the world!”  Marianne Williamson.  

I have often found myself placing my hand on my heart and saying to myself, “you’re okay, have patience, one step at a time.”  Friends and family have given me words of encouragement, that it will all come together, “price for patience”, and let it all evolve. 

I think we can all get caught up in wanting to have complete control over what will happen and wanting it all figured out right now, but this is such a huge barrier to allowing for what you are creating to unravel in the most organic and productive way.  Not to mention adding unwanted stress over things you cannot control.  I am trying to practice what I teach and walk the talk and it is working! 

So here we go!  We have amazing classes to offer at Evolve that are unique and are what our community and the world needs now! Please sign up for the Evolve email list here for all the latest news! 

From our fantastic vinyasa flow yoga classes, an alignment focused yoga class taught by a physical therapist (amazing for those who want to deep dive into yoga poses for their body or even coming back from injuries), mindfulness meditation, and a dance style movement class taught by an experienced dancer and trained psychotherapist, a fitness style class taught by a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and more to come! Please visit our schedule for classes here to find out more and to sign up! 
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