Tennis Files Podcast Interview: Yoga for Tennis

Tennis Files Podcast Interview: Yoga for Tennis

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mehrban Iranshad with the Tennis Files Podcast. This is a Tennis Channel podcast that provides weekly interviews with top coaches, pros, and experts to help improve your tennis game.

I had previously worked with Essential Tennis, the biggest online tennis training platform in the world, to develop yoga instructional content for tennis players. They so kindly recommended I discuss with the Tennis Files podcast how yoga can improve your tennis game!

On this show, we talked about how yoga can supercharge your mind and body for better tennis results, the best yoga exercises to perform for tennis players, how much (or little) time you need to commit to yoga to make an impact on your game. We also deep dive a bit further to discuss yoga philosophy, how yoga unites the mind and body, and how this relates to mental toughness.

Please take a listen! It is always a joy to share how yoga benefits not only the body but mentally as well.

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The Tennis Files Podcast:

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I have many yoga videos where you can take a class from me on my YouTube Channel. Link to YouTube classes here.