Tadasana Pose/Grounding for difficult moments.

Tadasana is not just an upright standing pose, but a pose that invokes an important intention for grounding to help us stay strong and to promote stillness and stability in our body and minds.   
We use this pose to re-center and begin again, to align ourselves with the reality of the moment.  With our feet firmly rooted in the earth, we find our stability and life force from the ground up.  The energy of the earth, which is real and true flows up our bodies, through the spine, to the crown of our head so that we can discern what is real and remain grounded with what deserves our attention.  Delusions and obstacles are cleared away as we stay true to our path.
We have within us the strength and capability to handle so much more than what we can even imagine.  Our bodies mirror what is happening in the mind and vice versa, so this strong stance in our Mountain/Tadasana pose can initiate a mind that is resilient and based in reality to hold steady.  Whatever comes, we can stand on our own two feet and begin again, and we come to this pose to promote safety, security, and rootedness. 
How to embody Tadasana:
1. Stand with feet hip-distance apart and feet firmly rooted into the earth.
2. Stand tall while drawing lower belly in slightly and allow for the knees to be soft to avoid locking.
3. Arms are along the side of the body with palms facing forward to create a gesture of openness and receiving.
3. Relax the shoulders and jaw, while lifting the chin parallel to the ground and a soft gaze forward with the eyes.
4. The crown of the head floats upwards to create lightness and ease.
5. Breathe in as you feel that energy rises up the spine to the crown of your head and Breathe out as your energy flows down into the earth through your feet to establish strong roots. 
6. Repeat the breath cycles envisioning this stabilizing energy flow through you.
7. Connect with the intention of strength, stillness, and truth in the reality of this moment.
8. Carry on with the new sense of power and rootedness.