A Winter sports yoga video & Owning your personal power!

A Winter sports yoga video &  Owning your personal power!

This week I have a yoga video for you to prepare you for all of your winter activities.  Some great leg strengthening and mobility are where it’s at for snow sports!  Also, my Tuesday morning classes on Dec. 22nd & 29th will be online only, coming at you from beautiful (hopefully snowy) Colorado.  Go onto Coda Yoga’s website to sign up for these classes!  You can join me live at 8:30 am or view the video up to 48hrs post-class.  Would love to have you join me!

As we approach the end of this crazy year, I have been reflecting on rather I would like it to fizzle out or leave it in a blaze of glory.  Some days I just don’t have the energy for the latter, but I love a good challenge so I am choosing to keep the faith that better times are ahead and maintain momentum to stay inspired and help others do the same! 

If you are reading this, I know that you are not willing to settle for just getting by this year.  That is not your style!  You want to have this year mean something, either for yourself or for others who are in need.  

We have been taught the lesson this year that there are many things that are out of our control, yet we are designed to be powerful and realize the many resources that are within our control.  There is that wonderful story from Mr. Rogers whose mother told him, when tragedy strikes, look for the helpers.  We are all capable of being that helper and tapping into our personal power. 

The stories we continually tell ourselves will eventually become our reality.  (To read more about the self-fulling prophecy in my last newsletter link here.)  So the awareness of the stories we create is extremely important for taking control of how we express ourselves in the coming weeks.  

I wrote this paragraph over a year ago and it resonates even more so today: 

The truth is the real power and source of our greatness comes from our ability to influence the things that we can control.   Life is unpredictable and results are uncertain, therefore we must trust ourselves and practice our resilience by dealing with uncomfortable situations and getting gritty about solving problems. The formula for success is having faith that there is a bottomless well of energy and ideas that are deep within us and this is what generates our personal power.  On the other hand, power placed on outside influences are very limited and conditional and will only take you so far on your journey for success and happiness.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Many blessings and wishes for grittiness and keeping the faith.  

Namaste,  Cheri