Special Yoga Workshop: Low Back Love

Special Yoga Workshop: Low Back Love

Saturday, September 19th from 10:30 am – 12 pm.

This workshop is designed for those who experience tweaky lower backs and for anyone who would like to learn how yoga can benefit the strength and longevity of a healthy lower back and hip areas of the body. 

We will emphasize the anatomy of the SI joint, connective muscles, and ligaments that all serve as the dynamic chain for the lower back. Knowing what poses are relieving and beneficial for lower back health as well as the poses that could potentially lead to pain and dysfunction of this area will be taught as well. 

Particular yoga poses and sequencing will leave you with more mobility. freedom and strength within the lower back and hips. 

8 spots available in-person – open to all levels. Pre-register early to save your spot.

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Available both in-person and via Zoom – Zoom replay available for 48 hours after class for your schedule convenience. (Please scroll down to find the Zoom workshop to sign up for online option).