Visions and Dreams are Alive and Well!

Visions and Dreams are Alive and Well!

I am hoping you are all safe, healthy, and sane.  This week’s newsletter is completely inspired by my love for helping others pursue their visions and dreams.  I hope you enjoy the pump up and the resources that I have for you on this topic.  I need this as much as anyone else, so it has been extremely helpful to read and write this today. 

“You don’t need to create a masterpiece every day; you just need to get some oil on the canvas every day.” Brendon Burchard  

The most common conversation I have had this week with others is that our emotions and motivation are all over the place.  One day we are determined to get sh*t done and the next we are sad and can barely think of what to do.  The loss of control and normalcy that keeps us focused is no longer what it once was.  How do we plan? What will each day bring?  I wish I could tell you, but I do know that your ultimate control is always within you.  

Your visions and dreams are still alive and well, they may just be dormant or put aside because you are focused on more daily, present moment needs.  Yet, please don’t stop creating and taking small steps that keep your motivation and energy alive.  Our daily goals may have to change but our visions and dreams will always remain the same.

This pandemic has us digging deep into what our intrinsic motivation is.  Our intrinsic motivation is derived from inner fulfillment and personal values.  If you have a tendency to focus on external motivation (what you receive from others or circumstances), you may feel as if you are disconnected, floundering, bored, distracted, and other feelings that make you feel stuck.

What are your values?  What are the things that are most important to you?  When you feel present and alive, how do you show up each day?  The answers to these questions do not depend on whether or not we are in a Pandemic situation.  There is no better time than NOW, to do this very important work! When you can answer these questions, they will carry you through in all uncertain times.

This podcast from The Brendon show is pretty amazing.  Please listen to gain a perspective to help keep you moving in the direction of your dreams each day within our challenging times. 

Striving in Chaos Ep 9: Masterpieces in Chaos

This past January, I co-hosted a self-development day retreat, Evolve. In the afternoon session, we developed our own personal philosophies.  We took the time to do the internal work and answer the deep questions that align us with our intrinsic motivation. 

What are the visions that have for yourself? What are the 3 (yes, just 3) values that are most important to you? How can you stay connected to your visions and goals on a consistent basis? These were just some of the questions we reflected on to develop our philosophies. To take the time to reflect and write down your ultimate assessment filter, which is your philosophy statement, will help you live with alignment and integrity to make you strong, gritty, and resilient.

When we are looking back at our time during this COVID pandemic, what is the story we want to tell ourselves and others on how we handled this situation?

Letting go of expectations of where you thought you would be right now and do the things that are manageable and obtainable TODAY!  Put that oil on canvas, and release the idea that a masterpiece will be completed. Can we put ourselves in the present moment of what our reality is to create goals that are possible to obtain? I believe we can!

There will be good days and there will be bad days, but the most important thing to do is to have self-compassion, dust yourself off when ready, and get back at it!