Yoga for Tennis: Benefits and Preview of Videos to Come!

Yoga for Tennis: Benefits and Preview of Videos to Come!

Last week, I had a fun day recording videos with Essential Tennis, a top online educational platform for tennis instruction. I have played a lot of tennis in high school, state league teams and club leagues through the years, so this was a great fit! We filmed several different videos that will include sequences/flows to highlight the poses and benefits that yoga has for tennis players. Flexibility, strength, balance, mobility, muscle resiliency, core strength, mental focus, and stamina are some of the ways that yoga can enhance your tennis game.

I hope to share these with you when they are produced in a few weeks. If you would like to find out more about Essential Tennis’ instructional programs, please visit their website: Essential Tennis.

This photo of tennis pro-Novak Djokovic demonstrates how necessary it is to have leg, shoulder, and spinal flexibility; ankle and knee stability; muscle strength to hold the body in crazy positions; and ability to rotate the upper body with agility while maintaining balance and explosiveness in the lower body. Whew, that’s a lot!

All of these movements can be addressed in particular yoga poses and be game-changers to your game. Here are a few photos as a preview for the videos to come!

Essential Tennis has been a pioneer in the world of online tennis instruction for over a decade with videos, podcasts, blogs, and clinics served to more than a million players in 126 countries. 

Their YouTube channel is the largest digital coaching platform on the planet with over 132,000 subscribers where every month over a quarter million tennis players learn how to improve their games.