Secrets of Peak Performance: Certainty Rules!

Secrets of Peak Performance: Certainty Rules!

In the next few weeks, I will be covering topics on developing a strong mindset to help you in your sport or any area of your life. This is the most fun for me because I get to talk about my passion for sport psychology, and all that I have studied and experienced in the 15 years I have had my performance consulting business! Check in each week for tools that you can use for tapping into your optimal mental, emotional and physical performance states.

I am so excited to share this podcast with you!  We can learn so much from Tony Robbin’s work with high performers.  The strategies presented are universal to developing a winning mindset to succeed in any area of your life. Tony is an incredible strategist and expert in transforming peoples lives.   Listening to his podcasts and seeing his Netflix special, “I am not your Guru,” it is evident that he has the gift to get to the heart of what is necessary to make breakthroughs.  My personal dream is to go to a Tony Robbins seminar and see this guy in action! 🙂

He has worked with professional teams and athletes, a President of the United States, world leaders, and CEO’s of major corporations.  He has this unbelievable ability to speak the truth and draw out the inner resources and answers already within his clients to solve problems and succeed.  It all happens in moments!

Some of his secrets include:

  • How changing your physiology will change your mental and emotional state to new heights of energy and power.
  • Physiology and focus will change your state to believe that you will accomplish anything in your life.
  • Certainty rules in business, sports, and relationships.
  • As leaders, we influence people to live to the potential that is possible.  High certainty will tap into full potential.
  • How visualization increases the results of certainty and success.

Click on the podcast photo below to listen.  I guarantee it will get you motivated!