Manifesting Possibilities Playlist – Music to Inspire

Manifesting Possibilities Playlist - Music to Inspire

Hey Manifestors and Influencers!

This past weekend, I held my Manifesting Possibilities workshop with a large group of magnificent students, and it was freaking fabulous! This class of courageous and inspiring humans came to explore how to manifest their highest and most genuine expression of themselves. There is a massive calling right now to awaken and live to our potential. We are in a predicament where we have become so disconnected with ourselves and others. Manifesting, potential, mindfulness, spirit, purpose, and personal growth are hot topics on the covers of magazines, books, podcasts, and everywhere we turn! I see a shifting in people who intuitively know that this has to change and that we are meant to live more profound and meaningful lives.

To manifest possibilities that are true and authentic to our purpose, we need to create space by inviting stillness of the mind to listen carefully to our pure awareness. We can best connect to this source of clarity through meditation, prayer, mindfulness and other activities that calm the chatter of the mind. There are limitless opportunities for us to share our unique gifts. Manifesting requires us to step into energy that inspires us to take action and keep us connected with the mission of our spirit.

Turn your magic on, to me she’d
Everything you want’s a dream away
Under this pressure, under this weight
We are diamonds taking shape
We are diamonds taking shape
~Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay

Music energizes us and has the power to shift perspective and ignite motivation. I use music in my yoga classes to turn the magic on and create an environment for manifesting, instilling strength, and to getting into the flow and theme of a class. My playlists are intentional, and each song is chosen and placed in particular order to weave in the kind of energy I wish to generate.

My gift to you this week is my favorite “Manifesting Possibilities” playlist! You can listen on Spotify right away by clicking on the playlist. 

My hope is that you can tap into your magic and allow inspiration to flow from you for manifesting the potential that you were made for. If you would like to listen to more of the dozens of playlists I have created, visit my Spotify page here!
Happy listening!  Cheri