Mindfulness is a Superpower!

Mindfulness is a Superpower!

The quality of our success is as high as the quality of the relationship to oneself. In order to live to our fullest potential is dependent on the work that we do with our inner domain. When we attend to our minds and learn how to manage and direct our thoughts and energy into the present moment, this will determine our happiness, purpose and gifts more than anything that we do externally.

When we are fully present we are at our very best!

Mindfulness is the art of coming back to now!  It is a simple concept, but it requires discipline and tenacity that can be very difficult to execute. It is a tool that is developed and strengthened with consistent practice. Herein lies the power of mindfulness, if you can be disciplined and strongly centered within the mind, you will be immensely effective in how you execute to your fullest potential!

Awareness of ourselves and the ability to be unattached to our monkey-mind thoughts and knee-jerk reactions is so important in order to handle distractions, pressure situations, and pivotal moments. This is the key to organizing our minds with a high level of engagement and accuracy.

Click on the cartoon above to watch the video on how Mindfulness works! Looking forward to furthering our conversation on this topic next week!

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