Fall Yoga Schedule – 2018

Fall Yoga Schedule - 2018
I am super happy to continue my yoga teaching this fall at Coda Yoga Studio and Soleil Lune Yoga Center. I am also teaching a couple of classes later this week at the Stone Bank Barn. Please click on the links below to find out more about each of these locations. I am also adding an evening class on Thursdays at 6pm at Coda. I am hoping to get more dudes into this class! Trust me you will love it and feel better as a result.
  • 8:15am – Awakening Flow
  • 9am – Coda Flow
~Both classes @ Coda Yoga Studio

~Class @ Soleil Lune Yoga Center

  • 9:30am – Yin/Yang Flow
Thursday evenings
  • 6pm – Alignment Flow –
Our Alignment Flow offers a full-spectrum practice combining the dynamic movement of Vinyasa Flow as well as stillness to pause and find the deeper alignment in each posture. With the use of props, and a deeper connection to our breathing, we work to experience the postures and practice itself, as it fits each individual body.
~ Class at Coda Yoga Studio
Additional classes
  • Weds. Sept. 26th at 9am – Vinyasa Flow at Stone Bank Market
  • Saturday Sept. 29th at 8:30am – Vinyasa Flow at Stone Bank Market
  • Weds. Oct. 3rd at 9am – Slow Burn at Soleil Lune.
Please contact me at chericope@me.com or call #414-659-1866 if you have any questions.
Namaste, Cheri