New Website Launch!

New Website Launch!

I am thrilled to announce my shiny new website for debut!  This website provides easy access to information for my Mental Conditioning/Life Coaching business, Yoga and Mental Skills training, & monthly Yoga teaching schedule.  Many of you have known my business to be Athletic Mind, LLC and this name is still near and dear to me yet, my business and teachings have grown to include many different facets of my education and experience.  Therefore you will see a new logo and brand for Cheri Cope, LLC. Truly easy!   From sport psychology, yoga teaching and speaking engagements, I will keep you informed via this website and social media as to the latest Happenings so that I can bring you to the heart of my mission:

Live your passion, find inspiration, and discover the physical and mental strengths that already are inside of you.

Thank you to my friends at who did a beautiful job with the design!  This site is mobile-friendly as well!

Please let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!


Namaste,  Cheri